Here is my lovely 15″ Powerbook G4. It’s sitting on top of the CoolPad I bought for it (although it’s kind of crooked in the picture) and my retractable cord USB mouse is attached. To the left is the Timbuk2 Marina laptop case and in front of that is my Case Logic laptop sleeve. I wanted the sleeve so that the laptop is protected from the CoolPad, my Wacom tablet (when I want to take it places…otherwise the tablet lives with my desktop), and whatever else I want to put in the laptop case. The case does have pockets, but none big enough for the entire CoolPad or my tablet.

I really can’t wait until I can use my Powerbook again.

  • hey, I just ordered a Timbuk2 purse :) (my current one would be horrible in Las Vegas – I’m so scared of pickpockets)

    I am so jealous of your Mac… I am dreaming of the day I can have my own. I’ve really had it with Windows this time!

  • One of my coworkers last week was raving about timbuk2, one day when I have money I’ll buy one (and a Mac too). Yay for fun toys!

  • I still think the case looks like a big frowny face :)

  • now that you mention it… it kind of does!

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