I am not a patient person by any means. So of course I want my Graphire3 NOW. It’s supposed to be delivered by 4:30 Thursday. That’s fine and all. The thing that makes me impatient is that it was shipped from New Jersey last night and the tracking info hasn’t been updated since then. Or at least, I’m hoping that the tracking info hasn’t been updated. Otherwise my Graphire3 took a roadtrip to Florida or something. It’s only about 2.5-3 hours from here to New Jersey…I could have drove there and back several times since last night. It would have been possible for them to deliver it today…after all, the Powerbook left Indiana at 5 am and was at my door by 10 am the same day. Maybe tomorrow.

Work has been…awful this past week. I never enjoy it anymore, but this week was more physically than mentally trying. We got in hundreds of essay contest entries. All the student’s info has to be entered into the old iMac (circa 2000 or so): name, address, phone, school name, address, phone, teacher name. Plus they all have to be stamped with a number. Most of them have cover sheets on all the pages and they’re only supposed to have them on one. So cover sheets have to be removed and some of the entries aren’t even stapled. So there’s lots of repetitive arm movements involved with preparing the entries. Then there’s the iMac set up. It’s on the side part of a desk. It’s too far low down, so the keyboard is about at my hips (the chair is down as far as it goes) so my elbows are at about a 140 degree angle instead of the recommended 90 degrees. There’s no wrist rest either, not to mention the keys on the iMac stick (which is more of an annoyance). The actual iMac is set to the side, so I have to turn my head to the right to look at the screen. It is not good to have to use the iMac for hours on end (fortunately, this is the first time I’ve had to). My neck hurts and so does my right arm and my hands. It’s not bad now that I’m home, but it was killing me at work. This is the second day of doing this and I have another day of it since there’s still lots of entries plus more coming. They all have to be done by Friday. It just irks me how he doesn’t give any consideration to mine or Teresa’s physical well-being when he plans things like this. He should have given us longer to do the essays so we wouldn’t have to do them all day this week. It’s like with those essay announcement letters in December. I could have been working on them for weeks, but he didn’t tell me about them till the last minute and then I had to label and stuff 3000 envelopes in 2 days. I just keep thinking “I won’t have to do this next year, thank God”. I pity the next person who works there. I get depressed a lot about working there because I’m so overqualifed. I didn’t ever feel this overqualified working retail. Then because I’m depressed, I don’t feel like working on anything creative, so I don’t make anything to add to my portfolio so I can get a better job. It’s just a bad cycle. And it’s frustrating because I guess the job isn’t that bad, but it is so not the job for me. Or anyone with a college degree.

And my wrist is hurting so I’m going to end this.

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