not happy

I am not in a happy mood today.

To start, I have a cold. For another, it’s SNOWING. Spring is in two weeks, it should not be snowing. We already have an inch on the ground so far today and we could get several more. It also may snow Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I do not want snow. It was in the fifties yesterday. It should not be snowing.

I am also tired. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was upset. I was upset because my ac adapter to my brand-new powerbook decided to stop working after THREE days. So I can’t use the Powerbook because I can’t charge the battery and it’s about dead. Joe’s going to call Apple this morning. I just hope they ship a new one fast. I paid enough for that thing…I should be able to USE it.

Today’s my mom’s 60th birthday but I didn’t get to get her a card or anything. I forgot, and then I was sick. Maybe I can find one online to print here at work.