I am so happy to have the Powerbook back. One thing that you should be aware of, should you get one, is the possibility of stuck pixels. This was something I wasn’t aware of before. I guess they’re common with LCD screens. They can go away on their own, but sometimes you can also massage them away by using a soft cloth in a circular motion. I just had one in the middle of the screen that went away as soon as I touched it, but I have one at the bottom on the screen that isn’t going away. There was a different one down there before. They’re really not that much of a problem, unless they’re in the middle of the screen like that one was. I would also recommend a CoolPad or something similar because it did get hot enough sitting on my legs to leave red marks for an hour or so. The CoolPad protects my legs and also adds needed ventilation for the bottom.

I also discovered a Mac FTP program called Cyberduck. I’m going to have to install that and use it as my FTP client. I like the keyboard on here. It’s small, but so am I. The iMac I have had a small keyboard too, but that was a lot more difficult to type on than this. I’m looking forward to the release of 10.4 aka Tiger. One rumor is that they’re going to announce it April 1 and ship on April 15, but who knows if that’s true. In any case, it should be out by July since they said the first half of 2005. If it comes out soon, I’ll probably qualify for the cheap upgrade. Even if I don’t, I’m still getting it.

I haven’t started on my homework yet that’s due tonight. I’m just not in a homework mood. We were up late again, due to Everquest II. We finished killing our gnoll and killed Felsik for the betrayal quest. Now we just have to the last part of talking to various people. We also tried to do a guild raid. First we went into the wrong instance of Shattered Vale, but it was actually pretty cool. I got two adept 1 books out of it. Then we went into the right one, and we took out some of the things in there, but we didn’t have enough people for the main guys. So we spent almost an hour getting another guild group together and we go to go in…and it said those that had been in before couldn’t go in for 23 hours and that more than 6 couldn’t go in. How are we supposed to do a guild raid if we can’t go in with a raid group? Anyway, most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

I guess I should do homework. Ugh.

Edit: One note on the Coolpad, it still does get warm, as it is right now. I’ve been using it for the past three hours or so. Right now, the bottom of the Powerbook is HOT, so I’m very grateful there’s something between that and my legs. I’ve managed to finish the Discussion Board part of my homework assignment, in between watching the recorded Amazing Race and Survivor, and surfing the web. Right now I’m watching the Mummy (love that movie) and am about to start the project part of my homework. I brought my tablet out with me to the couch. First though I want to post my last assignment here.