it arrived

I’m typing this from the Powerbook! It arrived two days ahead of time.

Last night, I stayed up too late: about 3 am. I was finishing up a quest in Everquest II (Tour of Antonica, for those who play) on Faeolyn. On a side note, I really like playing a Shaman so far. At least, soloing with it since that’s all I’ve been doing. But that’s another topic. I woke up at 9 for some reason and didn’t fall back asleep until almost 10. Not long after, the doorbell rang. Joe answered. I was expecting it to be my case, since that was supposed to arrive before the Powerbook. We opened the box and inside was the Powerbook box. I was really surprised and happy. We opened it up, looked at it, and went back to bed. I couldn’t fall back asleep though. We got up a little after 11 and started getting the Powerbook set up. Joe left for work and I went to lay back down for awhile. I was so tired and I came down with a cold today that Joe gave me (how nice of him). I got up and played around with the Powerbook, setting it up, until about 4:30. I discovered it gets really hot. Almost too hot. I’m going to have to get some sort of lap stand for it so it can ventilate better. Aside from really hot, it also gets really cold. It was freezing when I opened it this morning and when I don’t use it, it gets chilly again. It’s made out of aluminum. After dinner of grilled cheese and Akasha spilling my bottle of Coke right next to the Powerbook (it was about a half an inch of getting on it), I finally started my homework for this week. So far I’ve gotten the Discussion Board done and watched the new Degrassi. Now I have to go watch the second live chat and work on the proposal/flowchart that we have to do for our interface next week. Tomorrow I have to do the touch and sound assignment, which I should have started earlier but I still don’t have an idea for it.

I love the Powerbook. It’s the perfect size and so light for a laptop. I’m still getting adjusted to the Mac interface. I’m also still trying to find a tabbed text editor that I like. Or I suppose one with a drawer would do. I have Firefox installed. I think I’ll just use the default Mail program since I’m using the desktop for all the emails and just check two of them on here and leave them on the server. At least for now anyway. There’s some weird things…like why there is no status bar in Firefox even though it’s check in view when in full-screen. Or why there’s no scrollbar in this box in WP I’m typing in, even though there should be. Now I have to get back to homework.