I don’t think my weblog here is very interesting. Mostly I complain about things. I don’t post very many pictures or images, mainly because I don’t take or make many photos or images lately. The lack of pictures from 2004 is kind of sad compared to previous years, especially since I have that kick-ass camara I got last spring. I didn’t even take that many pictures of myself, which those who have known me for years should be suprised at. I think that’s because a lot of days, since I was just at home, I didn’t even bother putting on make-up, brushing my hair, or putting on clothes that were acceptable to be seen in public in. Even when I did go out, I didn’t care that much what I looked like.

But that’s not what I meant this post to be about. How can I make this weblog more interesting? What would you like to see more posts about? I want to know what you would like to see here.

  • I like reading about the things you do and I liked seeing all the pictures of you!

  • I like reading about what you do, too! I like seeing pictures of you, your pets, Joe, and what you’re currently working on for school :)

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