I am bad. Bad, bad, bad. Well, sort of. See, it happened like this.

I got my car inspected Friday and it cost about $400. I had $600 saved up for it, just in case. I wasn’t really expecting things to be wrong, but lately there’s always something with it. This time, it was hazard lights and a turn signal and the serpentine belt. So I had this extra money left over. The smart thing would have been to put it towards my credit card. Or save it maybe. But nope, I had to buy something.

On Saturday, I hooked up my Wacom Intuous2 6×8 to the Powerbook. And I did not like using it. It was just too big to use on the couch with limited arm movement. It’s perfect for use on my desk. (You can probably see where this is heading). It’s also a pain switching it from the desktop to the laptop, especially since I went to use the desktop while it was hooked up to the Powerbook and couldn’t because there was no mouse (I use the tablet all the time, with the mouse. I just use the pen when doing art). I looked around online and decided the Pearl White 4×5 Graphire3 would be best. It’s not as good as the Intuos series. It has less levels of sensivitiy and no tilt feature, but it’s still a good tablet. It’s $99 retail but I found it for only $80 at newegg.

I highly recommend a Wacom tablet to anyone who does any sort of graphic work on the computer. It is so much easier than the pen for detail work. I can go crazy trying to click on a point in Illustrator with the mouse, but with the pen it’s no problem. It’s great for Photoshop, great for Painter, great for everything. I’ll be able to say more on the differences between the Intuos and the Graphire in a week, but I do know the Intuos2 is great. I don’t really use the touch strip at the top. I always forget it’s there really. I’ve had it for over three years and it works great. Sometimes the mouse acts a little funky and a button will stick and Joe says it’s annoying for playing games with, but I’ve never had a problem with the pen part, which I think is more important. Soda’s been spilled on it, cats jump on it daily, and I use it every day. They’re very durable. One word of advice though…if you’re using the pen, don’t lay it down next to a real pen. Fortunately the real pen was closed.

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