I don’t like grades, I’ve decided. I think all classes should be on a pass/fail basis.

I went from a 100% in Multimedia to a 92% after the second week’s assignment. My second week’s project was more complex than the first week’s, as it should have been, but apparently not complex enough. We were supposed to use masks, motion guides, and motion tweens. I did. He wants “more animation”. That’s fine, but I only have two “scenes” and one scene I can’t add animation to because it uses a mask. The mask only masks out what’s on the layer under it, so basically one scene has to be flat and you can’t animate a layer with more than one group of objects or symbols on it. Or so Flash told me when I tried even though I only had one symbol. *shrug*. As it was our first week learning animation, I don’t see why he expects us to use a ton. I had two. Plus he said my discussion board wasn’t “in detail” enough when it was about the same length and same amount of detail as my first week’s one, in which I got full points.

Which brings me to my point. I obviously completed both assignments to specifications. I don’t think it’s necessary to have to grade things more than that. Give comments and critiques on, yes. Sure, getting high grades is great and an ego boast. But when you get bad grades? I don’t know about you, but it usually doesn’t inspire me to work harder. It makes me feel like giving up or not care about the assignments. Which is kind of what is happening to me this week. I don’t have much enthusiasm for working on this week’s assignment. I put the same amount of work into the first and second week’s assignment and I got a worse grade on the second week’s. I probably worked more on the second week’s. At least the project was still above the class average…my discussion board grade was about 10 points below the class average. While I agree that it wasn’t as good as some of them, it was better or as good as most of the other ones. He mentioned going more in depth and including examples, but only one other person wrote a post like that. So I don’t understand why mine wasn’t closer to the class average. I don’t feel like asking why either. It just bothers me because getting a not-so-good grade can really mess with your self-confidence. And sometimes the instructor’s grading makes no sense…it’s like it was just that one week they were in a good mood and gave everyone good grades…and the next week they were in a bad mood. It does seem that when my grades are lower, everyone else’s is lower too (class average-wise).