creative suite 2

Adobe is planning to announce Creative Suite 2 next Monday, with shipping to begin in May. I’m really excited by some of the new things Photoshop is supposed to have, according to the press release that wasn’t supposed to be released until next Monday. I’m very glad they’re bringing it out then…another month and I wouldn’t qualify for the education discount! There’s a very large difference in the normal retail and education prices. I can actually afford the education price.

I called off work today. While I am not feeling well still, I could have probably made it through work. I just…didn’t want to. Let’s call today a mental health day. Also, I wanted to work on my homework. He was supposed to be gone yesterday but wasn’t, so I didn’t get to work on my homework while at work as expected. He’s going to be gone all next week so maybe I’ll have those days free. I know I need it. My senior project class is very intensive, especially in the two weeks after this one. I decided to go with a non-fiction children’s book, accompanying website, and CD packaging design (it’s going to be an e-book). The topic I chose is sea creatures, sponsored by a fictional private aquarium. We’re supposed to have most of the work finished by the fifth week and this week we’re supposed to be chosing our color schemes and style, doing research, and creating concept sketches. Plus a group project of researching two styles. I chose fantasy and op art. I have a feeling Google and I are going to get very friendly this week.