I think I’m going to go back to wearing contacts most of the time. I’m not sure if that includes days I work. We’ll see if I feel like poking at my eye at 8 am. I have almost full boxes for each eye of the three month daily wear supply I got last year. I don’t think I’ve worn any contacts since September. That’s kind of normal for me though in the last 5 years.

Up until I graduated high school, I wore contacts all the time in public, except for the first half of six grade. They orginally told me in fifth grade I’d need glasses part-time for looking at the board and things. I never wore them, and before sixth grade I had to wear them full-time. Sometime in the second half of sixth grade, I got contacts. They were soft contacts and the kind you took out every night and cleaned and kept until they tore or you needed a different prescription. Sometime around 8th or 9th grade, I got the kind where you wore for a week straight, including overnight, and then threw them out. I wore them like that till 10th grade until I got an ulcer in my eye and they told me I couldn’t wear them overnight anymore. So I kept the same kind of contacts but now I took them out and cleaned them every night and threw them out at the end of two weeks. After I left RIT, I started wearing my glasses most of the time, until April 2000 when I decided I wanted to wear my contacts more again. Ever since, I’ve been off and on, but usually never wore my contacts in winter except for special occasions. Now that winter is over, it’s contacts time again. Since 2000 I’ve had the daily wear kind that you throw away at the end of the day, which is great for the casual contact wearer I’ve been.

Joe is the reason really. His glasses broke last week and he went to the eye doctors and got contacts this week. He, plus the warming weather, renewed my interest in contacts. We’re going to go get sunglasses this weekend. I have no idea where my old ones are. I should have enough contacts to last me till around the end of June. Hopefully around then I’ll get a full-time job so paying for more contacts won’t be a problem. I’m glad Joe decided to get contacts so that I decided to wear them again. My glasses were really starting to annoy me. The lenses are pretty scratched up and the frames don’t seem to sit right on my face anymore. Plus I was getting tired of cleaning them.

  • I’ve been playing with the idea of trying out soft contacts one of these days. :)

  • I can’t really wear contacts; I’ve tried but I can’t put anything near my eyes! Scott wears contacts though; his glasses look so funny when he wears them!

  • I love my Acuvue II contacts. Two-week disposables, I take them out every night but don’t have to clean them, the no-rub solution does it for me now :)

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