I’m kind of bored here at work. I brough my Flash book to read the chapters I’m supposed to read this week, but I’m having a hard time concentrating. I’m tired yet again today and my mind won’t focus. Something I find amusing is that everytime this past month I’ve tried to type .swf (the Flash web file extension), I type .swg (abbreviation for Star Wars Galaxies).

Akasha is so cute. She loves attention. She curls up on my lap whenever I’m at my computer usually, which can sometimes be a pain. But she’s too cute to move. She likes to sleep with us too. I often go to bed hours before Joe does and she divides her time between sleeping with me and hanging out with him. To be more accurate, she likes to sleep on me. It’s adorable when I wake up and she’s sleeping on me and then she follows me into the bathroom and then back into bed where she lays down on me again. I wish Spencer would sleep in the bed too, but for some reason he won’t. He used to, before we moved here. I don’t wish he would sleep on me though since he’s about 10 lbs heavier than Akasha. Spencer’s funny…he almost never laid on the couch until we put a towel on it and Akasha started sleeping on it. Now it’s his favorite place. Last week when I was using the laptop I was forced to sit in the middle of the couch since the ends were occupied by both cats.