So far, I’m not thrilled with Apple’s tech support. We called today to find out if we could get tracking information for the AC Adapter. Turns out that they should have given us a dispatch # so we could follow the case. Even worse, they shipped the adapter to the wrong address. It was delivered to the other address yesterday and signed for by someone named Sarah. It was sent to the Circle version of our Court address, which does not exist. So if they delivered it to the [first half of our street name] Circle in our development, why didn’t “Sarah” try to find the right address? We’re only two streets over. What good is an AC Adapter going to do her? And if that is what happened, why would they deliver it to [first half of street name] Circle instead of [streetname] Court? I would assume that the actual name of the street should have more importance than street, road, court, circle. So I’m not pleased with whoever delivered it either. Anyway, they’re supposed to be shipping another one overnight and should be here tomorrow. If not, Monday. I will not be pleased at all if it takes till Monday. It’s been since last Monday that I’ve been unable to use it. I thought about going and ringing the bell at our apartment # on that Circle, but I really have no idea if that’s where they delivered. There’s several other circles in the neighborhood. And a Road version of that Circle, I think. So who knows where it could be.

  • Wow, that sucks! I’d go over there and scope it out to see if ‘Sarah’ was there with your adaptor. What a pain in the ass!

  • when Mike worked in the tech shop at CU, nobody wanted to deal with Apple’s support people (and since most of the professors at CU used Apple, they had a lot of calls to make). they’re a biiiig pain to deal with :(

    I agree with Aubrey, go try to find “Sarah” – and ask Apple why they let someone named SARAH sign for something that was sent to CINDY!

  • She gives ‘Sarah’s’ a bad name.. Im sorry that you didnt get it and that she was able to sign for it, I think thats rather odd that they did that..

    hope you get it ‘fore Monday!

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