My adapter is here! And it works!

The box was address to the right address, but was addressed to a Sarah Campbell. I have no idea why. That is nothing like either my first or last name. When Joe called yesterday, they asked for the name several times and of course he did not say Sarah Campbell. It’s just…weird.

While I like OS X and I like my Powerbook, in just a week I have come to realize that I do not like Apple tech suport or Apple AC adapters. The tech support part is obvious, especially after today. When I was looking up stuff on the AC adapters Monday there were many complaints about them. They break easily, in all ways, and often die for no reason.

I think I’m going to enroll in the Apple Care Protection Plan sometime before my free 90 days phone support is up. That extends my coverage for three years instead of 90 days phone and 1 year hardware. It’s $349 for a Powerbook. I think it would be a wise investment, considering what the Powerbook cost.

  • Yeah, that is totally weird. Im glad you got it though=)

  • That is very weird! And I’d definitely enroll in some sort of protection plan!

    I really, really want a Mac laptop now, but I really, really don’t have the money… it’s so tempting but heh, not having a full time job and the fact that I have a few weddings coming up to attend to this year is holding me back!

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