You know, I hate snow. And companies that make you come in when it’s snowing. Fortunately, at my job, he’s okay with us not coming in if the weather is bad. I don’t work today though. But Joe does. We’re supposed to get 3-4 inches with bad highway conditions. He couldn’t get time off work today because there was no more paid time off available. I’m assuming that all the earlier shift people called off, hence there was none left for the later shift people (who actually have to drive in worse snow conditions). He’s leaving 2 hours earlier (at 9 pm) and it’s still supposed to be snowing then. If he had just taken off, he would have gotten an occurence. He’s not sure how many he has, so he didn’t want to do that. I really hate large companies like that (Merck-Medco was like that). Sprint doesn’t care about the employees. Just about profits. What’s it to them if some of their employees die in a car accident due to bad weather? They’ll just hire more. I think businesses need to close down as often for snow as school does. If it’s too dangerous to be out driving kids around, why is it not too dangerous to have their parents out driving around for work? Do they want those kids to grow up without parents?

I hate business and corporations.

And snow.

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