Today Joe and I picked up my painting supplies from my parents: mainly paints and my easel. I also brought over some of my old paintings…the ones I did when I was about 11 through 13. Most of them are frighteningly horrible…some have good elements in them though. Joe and I then went to A.C. Moore’s to pick up some canvases and some more brushes. I got some fairly large canvases in addition to some smaller ones. I’ve never painted on a large canvas before but really want to try it. I also have never painted with oil paint before, even though I have some (I used mainly acrylics and recently watercolors). I’m anxious to try that out.

My book for my next class, Multimedia, came in the mail today. It’s Flash MX 2004 Savvy. The book seems to be the best book they’ve sent me so far. Much much better than the Dreamweaver book. I’m looking forward to learning Flash. Many web design jobs want it. Flash is sometimes way overused, but it does have its uses. One of the sites mentioned in the book is Becoming Human, which is an interactive documentary. Or the The Theban Mapping Project. I would love to have a job where I worked on things like that.

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