Joe and I are considering buying a laptop. Together. To share. We don’t absolutely need one or have extra money for one, but hey. What’s a $1,000 more debt when I’m already almost $40,000 in debt (if you count school loans)?

Do you think it’s feasible, this sharing thing? I want to use it when I’m at home and he wants to use it when he’s at work. It’s too bad we don’t work the same times or it would work out perfectly. The arrangement I was considering was he has it Mon-Wed when I’m at work and I have it Thurs-Sat. Sunday we’re both home so it’s whoever wants it.

We have no idea what kind to get. We know what we want in it….a 15″ widescreen, 1gig ram, 80 or so gig HD. Maybe we’ll go check out some in stores this weekend.

I need to upgrade my weblogs to wordpress 1.5. This one needs a new layout, so I might wait till I make a new layout. It can be such a pain to upgrade, with hacks and plug-ins and modifications I made to the files.

Akasha is laying under the monitor shelf on my computer desk. She keeps reaching out from under it and trying to grab my fingers as I type. It’s cute, except her claws are kind of sharp.

  • I’m not sure it would be such a great idea. you know how hard it is to share computers! plus, getting more in debt would scare me… but the thought of being in huge debt at all makes me feel sick. so I don’t know. :)

  • I’d get one if you really think you’d be able to get a good deal on one. I think a laptop with a gig of ram and an 80gb hard drive would be fairly expensive, but I don’t know.

    I really want a laptop too; I want a Mac laptop which will be even more expensive! Still, I’d definitely look around and see if you’d be able to pay for it before making a decision.

    Heh, I’m more in debt than you are; I’m down to $44,000 in loans right now from the $46,000 I started with. I can’t believe I paid $2,000 in loans last year. Scott has a few thousand in loans too so I’m hoping I get a really nice job when I move to South Bend.

  • Are you an Anne Rice fan? the reason why i ask is becuase your pet akasha is the name of a character in one of her series. .. I named my cat lasher

  • I love Anne Rice! I also had a ferret that was named Ashlar in addition to my cat Akasha.

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