Well, I know we probably shouldn’t have, but we did.

Thank you every one for your advice. We probably should have waited until I got a full-time job, in case I have problems finding one, but I wanted to be able to enjoy it while I wasn’t working full-time. We’re planning to put our tax returns toward it at least.

We set out today for Circuit City to look at an HP Pavillion we saw on their site. It was out of stock though and they didn’t know when they’d be getting any in. We saw the Toshiba Satellite for $50 less than the HP one was, and with a faster processor. Well, actually the Toshiba was $1449 originally so it was more expensive than the HP ($1349 orginally). We paid $1249. Ok, so we paid more than that, but we have a mail-in rebate.

The specs are:
Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
512 gig RAM (which we will be upgrading soon to 1 gig)
80 gig HD
15.4 Widescreen
DVD/CD Burner
Wireless adapter included

Right now Joe is getting it re-set up into partitions. I love the display. It’s so crisp and clear. I can’t wait to play with Photoshop and such on it. I’m also looking forward to crafting in Everquest while watching TV on the couch. I get very bored crafting sometimes. We (well, I) considered getting a Mac laptop, but I just like Windows better for some reason. Plus, all my graphics programs and games are the Windows versions.

We really like the laptop we chose and think it’s a great value for the price. We also got a nice case to match it. Joe’s extra mouse even matches it (the cover of the laptop, part of the case, and part of the mouse are the same shade of blue)

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