I’m at work with nothing to do. I brought the laptop in so I can work on my homework this afternoon. I spent the morning just browsing around, mainly on the EQII boards. This was the first time I’ve carried laptop in it’s case anywhere. Man, I’m weak! The laptop isn’t really that heavy, but with the case and my tablet and the cords and all…I had a hard time lifting it.

I ended up with full points on my first Multimedia project, so that made me happy. This week is the week we have to do a project on vision. I plan to do an animation based on the point of view from a cat. The samples he showed us had some people that did the perspective of a fish or a fly or something, but no cats. I could have tried to come up with a more original idea, but I want to draw a cat. I’m quickly learning the hang of Flash, but we haven’t done any actionscripting yet. I don’t think that will be hard to pick up, since I have a pretty good programming background.

With the release of WordPress 1.5, I’m seeing a lot more default themes and the same non-default themes. While I don’t hold that against anyone who uses them, I miss the distinctiveness of original designs. Even if the people weren’t the most amazing designers, they still had their own styles and I loved seeing that. And most of the people were better designers than they thought they were. I agree weblogs should be more about content than design, but the sameness of the sites doesn’t make it as interesting to browse them.

And now it’s time for lunch.

  • I’m enjoying the challenge of converting my old layouts to the theme style. the Crafty Blog isn’t getting converted until the threaded comments plugin is ported over, but other than that, I’ve got it all ready to go 😉

  • I still need to convert to 1.5. I think I might make some of my pages into “static pages”, but I’m still deciding which to do.

  • the new “pages” thing is pretty neat. WP just rules.

    how’s your day been so far? :)

  • it was pretty good :) managed to get some homework done at work.

  • You know, I was going to comment on this yesterday, but I didn’t. Weird.

    Actually, I’ll just email you what I think instead!

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