I want to lose weight this year. Around 20 lbs. I weigh almost 140 and I want to get down to around 120. I last weighed 120 about two years ago. My weight has slowly crept up since then. I’m not technically overweight, but I’m small-framed and pretty short (5’3″). The big problem? All the extra weight is on my hips and upper thighs. Not only does it not look attractive, but it makes it impossible to find pants that fit. If they fit my hips, then they’re way baggy in the waist.

I plan to drink less soda and eat less junk food. But, I don’t know what to eat or drink. My biggest problem food-wise is snack food. I do like fruit, but it just doesn’t fill me up and I’m hungry again a half hour later. Since I’m hypoglycemic (another reason to eat healthier), when I’m hungry my blood sugar drops way down and I get all out of sorts and just grab the first thing I can find to eat. Which is usually not something healthy. So I need something that takes minimal preparation to eat and is filling. Drink-wise, I like things that come in bottles or cans. I already drink orange juice sometimes, but I’m not a big fruit juice drinker. Especially with food. Joe makes homemade iced decaf tea with Splenda which is great, but I also need things to take to work with me that’s already made. I know water is an obvious choice and I’ve been drinking more of that at work, but I need something with flavor to drink at lunch. Right now I’m drinking diet Nestea, but I can still taste the aspertame. I hate the taste of aspertame. Oh yeah, and I don’t like drinking milk except before bed.

Suggestions please!

  • Sounds like we have the same plans for 2005! I’ve also got low blood sugar and I’ve found that 1/2 cup of unsalted peanuts and water will fill me up fast. Also, any fruit that is high in fiber will fill you up (ex. pears, bannanas, apple w/ peel). Actually, anything high in fiber works. I also noticed in our most recent Wal-Mart circular that they are manufacturing drink mixes to flavor a bottle of water and are made for on the go. Something similar to Crystal Light, only it’s the generic brand. That may help, although I haven’t bought any (yet) so I’m not sure what they are flavored with.

  • advice from a recovering anorexic. :-/ well, at least I know how to lose weight. :-/

    please don’t restrict yourself to the point where you’re miserable. it’s awful to have food become the enemy. trust me, you don’t want that to happen.

    I’ve always found that foods that are warm make me feel more full than something that is cold or room temperature.

    maybe eating some oatmeal in the morning with an apple sliced up in it? or some soup for lunch?
    chicken salad sandwiches on toasted WHEAT bread, light on mayonaise. add some chopped celery for flavor, too. White bread is awful. it’s like begging your body to become diabetic.

    as a general rule, I don’t drink pop. it’s really awful for your body, and it’s alot of empty calories. I drink a LOT of water. I attribute that and eliminating pop from my diet to one of the main reasons why I stay thin. People wonder how I survive without drinking pop… I wonder how they can drink it and not realize what it’s doing to their bodies. I can feel it in my system for days after the fact.

    juice is good for you, but it’s also full of calories and sugars. Most juices actually taste better if you water them down with 1/3-1/2 water. They aren’t as intense.

    substitute regular chips with the baked kind. and even then, don’t sit there with the bag in front of you- put some on a plate and then take it with you. If I’m left with a bag of snack food at my mercy, I’ll eat the entire thing in one sitting without even thinking about it.

    and here’s another trick- I usually eat just bacon for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll eat some eggs, too. it’s high in fiber and has fat. the fat is what makes you feel satisfied for quite a while afterwards.

  • I lost 5kg pretty quick using the south beach diet. I’d never done diets before, but I was in the same boat, so I got the book & it wasn’t too hard to follow. You notice the difference within the first few days. Good luck!

  • *takes note, as she wants to lose about 20lbs this year too*

    I stopped drinking soda about two weeks ago and my clothes already feel looser. it’s amazing.

  • i would avoid aspartame. it is really sketchy (besides the fact that it tastes gross). for something with flavor at work, i would recommend either flavored water or these new sparkling fruit juices. they are pure fruit juice (no sugar) with sparkling water. they can give an almost soda fix, but they are MUCH better for you. ithink the brand i have had is izze, and i’ve seen it at starbucks and grocery stores here.

    for what to eat, i agree with bethany’s suggestions. *hugs*

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