weight loss

As I mentioned before, I’m trying to lose weight. All your suggestions were very helpful…thank you.

I’ve lost about two pounds since the beginning of the year. I’m currently at 141.5. I started at 143.5. Most of my changes have been drink-wise. At home, I drink either Pink Lemonade Crystal Light or homemade decaf iced tea. At work, I drink water and Diet Nestea (at the moment). I do drink about a (8 oz.) bottle of Coke at home a week (I had bought a 6-pack of bottles several weeks ago), but it’s usually spread out between two days. I also still drink Coke when we go out to eat. But by not drinking it much at home or at work, it’s a significant decrease. In the mornings before work I’m still drinking Slim Fast. I wasn’t eating unhealthy breakfasts before (healthy cereal), but it requires much less thought in the morning than putting milk and cereal in a bowl and attempting to bring the spoon to my mouth. I’m not too alert when I first wake up.
I’ve been trying to eat healthy snacks. Peanuts, pretzels, small salads, Slim Fast snack bars that are weird in texture. I was never one to eat a whole lot of sweet sugary snacks on a regular basis though. Lunches and dinners are varied. I eat at mom’s several nights a week and dad’s diabetic, so those meals are healthy. Joe and I don’t cook that often here so we get food out more than we should. We need to start cooking more. We probably have fast food about once a week. For lunches at work, I’m still taking a turkey and munster cheese sandwich and I’ve been eating Slim Fast bars with it instead of chips. At home, I often eat Lean Cuisine microwave macaroni. I’m addicted to it. I eat it several times a week. It’s not very high in calories, but the carb content probably isn’t the best. Othertimes I eat various things. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Tuna fish sandwiches. Occasionally, frozen pizza. I’m still working out the best things to eat for lunches when I’m home. Things that I like and don’t take long to cook and only involve heating basically.