I am sick.

I believe I have a cold. I also believe I got it from my parents, who had a cold last week. Mom’s turned into broncitis. Yay.

I left work early. I kept coughing and my sinuses hurt. Plus there was nothing to do. Now that I’m home, I feel a little better. I think I mentioned something before about how the heating system there really kills my sinuses, so that probably had something to do with it. It must have been like 85 in our office too so that probably also had something to do with how I felt, especially if I have a fever (no thermometer here so I don’t know). It feels nice and cool (but not cold) in the apartment. I called Teresa to ask her if she’d work for me tomorrow, but there was no answer. He said that if I don’t feel well tomorrow, that’s it’s okay to not come in even if she doesn’t.

Fortunately, I don’t have the type of cold (at this point anyway…knock on wood) where your nose and all your sinus cavities are clogged up. You can’t think clearly, your head feels like it weighs a ton, and you really wish you could just cut off your head and live like that. That to me is the worst kind of (non-serious) illness. I can deal with sore throats, coughing, sneezing, and runny noses, but I cannot deal with that intense sinus/nose pressure from that.

I’ve been playing a lot more EQII lately. I’ve been harvesting and crafting more the past two days. I’m almost a level 14 Scholar on Calandra (my highest crafter). Someone in the guild made me quills the other day, so I was finally able to make some spells for myself and Joe in the post-10 range. I also discovered that stromas and eolith tempers are great to sell on the broker. In adventuring, I’ve just been playing Calandra as well (the is the longest I’ve been playing a single character…usually switch every time or every other time I play). I’m close to level 21, but I have a lot of XP debt due to dying doing the armor quests. Joe and I are up to armor quest 3, but we need to find other people to do it with.

  • I HATE dying. HATE. So I try hard not to! I love harvesting and crafting; I’m still only lvl 9 with the character I play now and lvl 13 or so with the first character I had.

    I’ll get my main char up to go the AQs some day. She’s still a lowly 13. Hopefully I can level her up a bit today.

  • I hope you feel better!

  • i’ve had that crappy second kind of cold for a couple of days now. blargh.

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