I’m almost finished with the general layout of shore-girl but I’m having a problem. I can’t decide whether to use the blue or white background. It’s a simple decision but I can’t seem to make it. Take a look and help please? (Other suggestions for a background welcome too)

  • I think the blue looks nicer. :) the site looks great!

  • I’d go with blue too :).

  • I like the blue, too, it goes with the main picture nicely.

  • I think blue looks better too.

  • eee… I’m gonna go all artsy on you. 😉 I love critiquing.
    definately go with the blue. in fact, I think that even a blue that is a bit more saturated would look even better. Or even taking one of the least used colors in the composition (like that dark tealish color, and using it as the background color can look really fantastic. it’ll really pull it all together.
    white space is one of those things that is very iffy. I think that on that particular page, it can cause it to look unfinished. But if you replaces it with a really rich background, it can really bring together your piece.

    also, I really like the image of you on the site- it’s a good idea. But I think that maybe some more shadowing all over the body would really bring it all to life and keep the image from looking flat. Also, something around the feet to “ground” the image (ripples? reflections?), since it almost looks like it’s floating.

  • You’re absolutely right about the shadowing on the body. The water was supposed to be more “bubbly” around the feet, but that got lost in the blurring, smudging and resizing of the image. Thanks for the critique :) I think critiques are so helpful. I sometimes can’t spot all the things that could be improved.

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