As those who read the cut entry I last posted know, I was considering signed up for the Station Access account for EQII. Well, Joe and I both signed up for it that night. Today Sony annouced they will be adding SWG to the Station Access plan Feb. 1. I plan on reopening Raea’s account since it’s on the same user ID as EQII on Feb. 1. After all, it’s basically free. I don’t know if I’ll play, especially since everyone that I liked in the guild has left, but I’ll be able to check out the combat rebalance once it happens. I don’t know if I’ll re-open Alundra’s account ever…since I will have to pay $15 extra for that. I got used to having two characters there though…it made working on image designer much easier.

In EQII, I finally made level 20 on a character. Calandra is now a level 20 Conjurer. She’s got a cool looking fire serpent thing following her around. I also made a dark-elf named Solia that I plan to betray to Qeynos, to be either an Illusionist or a Mystic.

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