Everquest II Thoughts

I’m at work with nothing to do so I thought I’d post my thoughts on Everquest II. This is probably only of interest to a few people, so I’m going to cut it.

I’ve been playing EQII since about November 13 or 14. I bought the collectors edition because I wanted the baby dragon for my house. I didn’t claim the dragon until two weeks ago, since I wanted to be sure it was on a character I liked. At first you couldn’t trade the dragon, but now that you can it’s not as big of an issue. I chose the blue and pink dragon. I haven’t been back to my room since because I haven’t done any selling lately, so I don’t get to see it that often.

On having four character slots:
At first, I didn’t see what the complaint was. I didn’t think I’d be playing more than one character. I knew some wanted more so that they could have one of each tradeskill class so they wouldn’t have to rely on other players. I could understand that, but I didn’t really think they should have more free for that reason. Now that I’ve created four characters, I can understand why some of the other people are upset. I want to play new characters! There’s still other classes and subclasses I want to try out. I’m only playing two archetypes: scout and mage. Different classes though. I’d like to try a warrior or a priest, but I don’t want to delete my character. I’d also like to have a dark-elf and a wood elf. Right now I have a high elf, a half-elf, a gnome, and a kerran. I could upgrade my account to a station access one for $7 more a month and get 4 more character slots (plus all the adventure packs free). I paid $15 extra a month for a second SWG account. Station access was designed to give access to all of their games for one price a month ($21.99). Unfortunately, SWG isn’t included or I would have signed up from the start. The price isn’t bad, as I said I paid $30 total for two SWG accounts where I only had two characters. I may just sign up for it sometime, now that I’m thinking about it. That is, if I decide I do really want to play more characters. Right now I don’t think I want to, but who knows? Watch me go sign up for it tonight or something…

On crafting:
Crafting can be frustrating at times. And boring, when you’re making lots of subcomponents. It can also be expensive. I don’t have a problem with the interdependentcy with other classes. I do have a problem with the lack of things you need from other classes on the broker, especially the prices. This should go away though as more people level up. It’s not as much of a problem if you have friends who craft or a guild. I do like crafting though, especially making new items for myself like spell upgrades.

On guilds:
Joe and I have joined a guild. A Qeynos one. It’s for casual players and is mostly couples and families. We still have to have our other good characters join. We just joined last week. It’s not a very huge or advanced guild. We like it so far though. It’s called Mystic Knyghts (the y in knights annoys me, but I deal).

On good vs. evil:
I like playing both. The good side is prettier of course, but there’s something about Freeport that appeals to me. There are things I like about each of them. If I only played one side, I’d feel like I was missing half the game. I sort of want to do the betrayal quest (maybe if I get that access thing and more characters) just to do it.

On grouping:
Most of the time I fight, I group with Joe. I’ve soloed things on my own of course. I’ve found that the summoner is the best at soloing out of my four characters. My pet tank is great (it’s an adept I). My scouts aren’t bad either, since they can sneak up on characters and use their special to start off with plus use light armor (medium at 20). My sorceror is not good at soloing. Grouping wise, my summoner is worst, unless we’re grouped without a tank. Both scouts and the sorceror are good at grouping. Sorceror is kind of mindless though and I don’t enjoy it as much. With the scouts, I constantly have to be on the move, getting in different positions to do different attacks. I feel much more involved in the fight. Once my scouts are into their subclasses (they’re both level 13), the assassin will be better for grouping and the scout for both group and solo.

On archtypes, classes, and subclasses: The best thing about betting a scout? Tracking. I love being able to find NPCs on my own and it’s great for finding a hard to find creature. I also love getting a spell to get past creatures (Sneak) at an early level. I just got invisibilty on my summoner and I love having being able to do that on that character too now. I love having a pet with summoner, although I got spoiled with having so many different pets on SWG. Every summoner has the same pet, just different levels. I’m looking forward to getting my wizard pet at 20 when I become a conjurer. As I said, the pet I have now is great for soloing. The pet I get at 20 will be better for grouping. I can also choose a trait at 20 that will give me another tanking pet, plus I get one at 23 or so. When I play my sorceror, I long for my pet. Probably because I’m not too high level (14) and don’t have many different spells yet. Right now there’s not too much difference between my two scouts, but that will change as I level.

On dungeons and such:
I really wish more things were privately instanced for groups. Sometimes the places get too crowded, even with zone limits. When it gets crowded, it gets laggy.

On other players:
We usually find good groups. My main complaint about other players are their names. I see some that are just offensive (ubigflaminghomo for one) and others that just don’t fit the fantasy world. I should have petitioned the first one, but I wasn’t sure how at the time (now I know). Names that don’t fit ruin the immersiveness of the game.

On combat:
I don’t really have much to say about this. I love locked encounters. I don’t like when people steal something you’re standing in front of, waiting to regen. Like the scarecrows in Antonica. It’s obvious you’re going to fight it, because there’s nothing else around and your whole group is standing right next to it since they’re not aggro. As I said, I wish more things were instanced.

Time to go home soon, so I’m going to end this.

  • I loved this entry a lot; I love reading your thoughts on EQ!

    I only play one character at a time, like I did in SWG. I have an enchanter on two different servers because I LOVE that class. I’m insane, I know. I’ve heard that sorcs are better in grouping and summoners are better solo, whcih is cool.

    I like the guild I’m in so far, it seems to be pretty casual! I’m also happier with the good side than the evil, oddly enough. I rarely if ever fight solo; I’ll fight with Scott or fight in a group. I’m hoping I’ll find good groups now that I’m in a guild.

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