So I called off sick today. I could have made it through work, but why do if I didn’t have to? There probably wouldn’t have been anything to do anyway.

When I woke up at 8 to call in, there was on ground the little snow that had been on the grass from Sunday. When Joe and I got up at 12, there was about two inches of snow on everything. I was not pleased. That’s the first real accumulation we’ve got this year. I know 2 inches isn’t much, but I don’t want any. Unfortunately, we’re supposed to get a snow storm Saturday into Sunday. I want winter over now. Tired of cold and don’t want snow.

I want to go lie down on the couch and read, but I’m recording Lost and if I lay down out there, I might end up watching it. Joe and I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet that we taped because we forgot to. I need to do my homework too. Joe is off the next four days and I want plenty of free time to spend with him. Most likely playing Everquest II.

I started playing my newest character, Solia, last night. She’s a dark elf. I just finished mage training a few minutes ago. She’s now an enchanter. Joe and I are going to betray characters to Qeynos and she’s the one I’m betraying so she’s going to become an Illusionist. I wanted to play an enchanter to see what it’s like since Aubrey is one and loves it. I’m also going to have a (yet unmade) character become a Mystic to see what a priest class is like.

  • Yay, you made a chanter! I love both of my chanter characters and I hope you like it too. I actually have a priest character on Lavastorm but I never play her. I like priests and mages but I can’t see myself really playing anything but my enchanter character.

  • Aww, we don’t lost in Australia until February, but I saw an episode when we were in Hawaii last month & it was sooo good! I heard the last episode was a really good one (but aren’t they always?). Hope you are feeling better soon.

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