This weekend was mostly pleasant. On Friday, Joe and I went to Red Robins and had our usual burgers. Later that night we had fun partying in a full group in EverQuest II. We got a few quests accomplished. The next day I layed around reading most of the afternoon, finishing Gone with the Wind. Then I had to hurry up and work on my homework, which wasn’t that enjoyable but I had to do it. For dinner, we went to Fuddruckers. It was our first time eating there. They were supposed to have the #1 burgers in the area (Red Robin was #2). I was expecting a restaurant, but it was more a fast-food type set-up. You wait in a line (in our case, for 20 minutes…it was packed), give your order, then you go sit down and they call your name to pick up your food. The burger was really good, but I have to say I think I prefer Red Robin. Which is good, since Red Robin is closer. After that, we came home and I finished up my homework. Then we played some more EQII. It was just Joe and I playing and we looted a Master I level book: Stupefy. I won the lotto and since neither of us are enchanters, I decided to sell it. It sold last night for 3 gold. For those who don’t play, master level books are really rare. I might have been able to get more for it, but I don’t really care. The real joy was in finding it.

On Sunday, we slept in till about 12. We ordered a pizza for lunch (breakfast?) and had it delivered. We lazed around on the couch all afternoon, Joe playing Metal Gear Solid 3 and me rereading Microserfs. I dyed my hair dark blonde again (had faded). We went to the grocery store. Instructor posted the grades for this past week’s assignments…I got two perfects. I was surprised…I did the whole assignment in about two hours. I guess that just means I’m good? We spent the evening pretty much the same way we spent the afternoon.

Today was back to work for both of us. I discovered my arms and shoulders still haven’t healed from last week. I had to put the last 100 or so labels on…and ow. That hurt. Now after work my arms are sore again and so is my neck. I haven’t been able to do cross-stitch for over a week now. I’m really getting frustrated with work and my body…it seems I’m not able to do any sort of job anymore. I suppose what I need to do is become a part-time freelancer. Then I can rest when I need to rest. It’s just making myself stop resting that would be the problem, I imagine (besides finding clients). But anyway, tonight I spent on the couch. I finished Microserfs and watched the first tape of Gone with the Wind. I had been waiting to watch that again till I finished the book.

  • ah, thank you for explaining that! I wasn’t sure if the base currency was gold (like SWG had the credit, and Final Fantasy uses gil). geez that is a lot of money then.

  • wow… 3 gold sounds like so little! I guess the economy in EQ is much different than in other games.

  • 3 gold is a TON! I haven’t even gotten a gold piece yet. And holy good god, I definitely would have been able to use that!

    I’ve been hovering at around 30 silver in the game; what level are you guys at now?

  • Can’t reply using the comment reply link….gotta fix that.

    Krissy: Anyway, it goes 100 copper = 100 silver = 100 gold = 100 platinum. The only way of making money is doing quests (where you get copper or like 2 silver at my level) or by selling loot (around several silver at most for my level again).

    Aubrey: We started good characters and have been playing that more so we’re not very high…both are around level 13. The most I ever had until now was 48 silver.

  • What’s your good character called?

  • Hanna, it’s Calandra.

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