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Apparently, there is some displeasure at the nominations for the 2004 Weblogs Awards – Best Blog Design category. There are a variety of complaints about them. Some were designed by other people or by design companies. Some are very plain and some are very graphical. Some are “too girly”. I can see the legitimacy of all the complaints except the “too girly” one. When you just have one Best Design category, it’s like trying to compare apples and oranges. You have the minimalistic blogs that focus on readability. You have the sites that focus on a more graphical approach. Who’s to say which is better designed? But if you tried to seperate them into different categories, it would be hard to set a dividing line. Some sites border in the middle. As for the blogs that were designed by other people, that’s again hard to decide how to handle. I do not feel they should be disallowed though…after all, it’s still a blog design.

Another complaint is that some of these blogs just have nice header graphics and not very well-designed content (actual blog part). I have to agree on this. I saw that in a few of the ones on there and on many while surfing through blogs in general. On a related note, I’ve always disliked blogs that have a huge header graphic…so big that you have to scroll to get to the actual content.

I was surprised at some of the sites that were selected…I know of other better designed ones out there. I do have to say though that some of the ones that were nominated definately deserve the nomination. I didn’t even know of these awards until some sites I read mentioned the final nominations page…so I didn’t get to nominate any of the better designed blogs that I know of.

  • I just looked at all the sites there, and wow. I don’t want to sound snobby, but I do know of a lot of weblogs with much better designs than those ones. I agree with you on a lot of the sites with great header graphics and not-so-great blog design.

    You bring up a good point; there really are lots of different definitions of ‘design’ and while splitting it up sounds practical, too many weblogs ride the dividing line.

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