Well, I did it.

I cancelled my two Star Wars Galaxies accounts. I haven’t played since the beginning of November. I had been planning on playing again after the combat revamp (whenever they finish it), but I don’t know. The guild I was in is basically gone. Most people have left, including the leader. Most went to World of Warcraft, some to EQII, others to real life. I hadn’t mastered the professions I was working on, but I just lost my drive to play. I was very very obsessed with that game for about two months, but then kind of lost my interest. I don’t know if I’ll play again once the combat revamp is complete. I like EQII a lot and Joe and I are interested in playing Guild Wars once it comes out in April.

  • it’s so sad that you’ve left SWG too :( I want to go back – I have this attachment to Shesra that I really don’t understand – but am still considering.

  • I was so torn about doing it. The night before I was reading our SWG log and looking at screenshots and feeling nostalgic. The thing that made me decide for sure to cancel it was that while I missed how I used to feel playing it, I don’t think I can get that feeling back. I was pretty attached to Raea, but I think it helps that I’ve become attached to my EQII characters.

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