I probably look rather funny today.

Last night I bought a new jean skirt at Old Navy. It was on sale for $12.99 so I couldn’t refuse. I usually have to buy my skirts and pants in stores that have a Petite section, unless they happen to come in different lengths like jeans. Since this skirt only came in one length, it comes down to the top of my feet almost. I imagine I look quite amusing scurrying around the office in my floor length jean skirt and pumpkin-colored timberland boots.

On a side note, while I understand the basic logic behind it, I find it very frustrating that all skirts and pants get longer as they go up in size. I’m not getting taller, just…wider.

  • I LOVE Old Navy 😀

    I hear you on getting wider. ugh. I’m on a diet. I want to lose 20lbs before my wedding (and summer – I am NOT going up a ring size just to be able to wear this when it’s warmer).

  • I can go crazy buying shirts at Old Navy (and usually do) but I can hardly ever find pants that fit me there anymore. It’s sad because I love the pants too :) I plan to start a diet in the new year. I want to lose about 20lbs too before my wedding. Fortunately I have the summer to do it in too because I just can’t seem to lose weight in winter. I think my body wants to hibernate in winter.

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