Joe and I are still playing Everquest II, although not everyday like we used to play Star Wars Galaxies. Mainly because we like to play together and we can’t three days of the week. For the past few weeks we had been playing our good characters (mine was Calandra, the Summoner). Saturday around midnight we decided to start playing new characters and ended up playing till 4 am. I created a gnome called Efalia, but decided to play on a character I created previously, a Kerran called Calla.



I’m wishing now that there were more than 4 characters. I love that you can have all 4 on the same server, but there’s still other subclasses I’d like to try out.

Here’s my current character stats:
Auriella, the half elf (Evil)
Level 12 Sorceror heading towards Wizard
Level 11 Scholar heading towards Sage

Calandra, the high elf (Good)
Level 14 Summoner heading towards Conjurer
Level 8 Artisan heading towards Alchemist

Calla, the Kerran (Evil)
Level 10 Predator heading towards Assassin
Level 3 Artisan heading towards unknown

Efalia the gnome (Good)
Level 2 Commoner heading towards Scout, then Swashbuckler probably
No Artisan yet

  • Aww, no Mistmoore… I’ve been playing on Kithicor a lot these days though.

  • I feel a strange bond with Lavastorm since it shares my birthday :)
    I was talking with Joe the other night about how unless you have friends or a guild on an EQII server, you don’t have the same sort of relationship with it like you do with SWG servers. There you have player cities and everything that just make it feel like home.

  • I defiitely agree with that; I’m honestly liking Kithicor more than Mistmoore at the moment because I know some people there. Though EQ definitely isn’t as social as SWG; I actually ended up re subbing to SWG because I missed my guild too much. I miss being able to just talk to people in game.

  • Just talk to people is what I do most of the time actually. Someone likened it to a chat program with pretty graphics and I think that’s true to a certain extent. It’s nice but I miss you guys too.

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