More Everquest II talk.

Last Friday and Saturday the servers were down, so they gave us three free days of playtime plus two days of increased experience. Those two days were Sunday and Monday. Joe and I took advantage of that (although not as much as we could have).

I’m glad to be playing several different characters because I like seeing the different professions. Between my two mage classes, summoner and sorceror, I like summoner better. I’m not thrilled with having a spider as a pet, but I’m looking forward to having an elemental pet when I hit level 20. My current pet, an Adept 1, is a better fighter than I am. He can take on yellows fine on his own and kill them fairly fast, which I die if I try to take one on my own (like when I get attacked before I had a chance to call my pet). Summoner is a good soloing class, but it’s not that useful in groups (at my level). Once I hit 20, the pet I get is a wizard type instead of a tank, so that would be more effective in a group. Sorceror is more of a grouping class since it doesn’t do well at soloing, but I don’t have too many cool spells yet since I’m only level 13. Once I get 20, I can buy a cat familiar spell.

I’m also playing a scout class, predator. I was surprised at how much I liked playing a scout. You get a sneak ability, which allows to be hidden from aggressive mobs. Some other classes get an invisibility spell at higher levels, but there’s a difference between hidden and invisible (although I haven’t experienced since I don’t have invisibilty yet on any of my mages). You can also duel-wield weapons. Right now I’m using a whip and an axe. I’m definately making my other character, Efalia, a scout class. A rogue actually. I even looted an adept 1 spell the other day playing Calandra that she can use.

I decided to make Auriella an alchemist instead of a sage because she likes chemistry. Calandra will now be the sage. Calla is going to be a carpenter since she likes wood-working. I’ll have to give my inks and quills I make to one of Joe’s characters, who will have to meet Calandra in the middle between Qeynos and Freeport so she can write spells for her and Auriella. Joe and I need to make one character a jeweler so we can make the runes for scout upgrades. He has one character that’s an outfitter which we need for the spikes for the rune. I really wish you could trade items between cities in your shared bank slots.

An update on my characters:
Auriella, evil half-elf
Level 13 Sorceror -> Wizard
Level 12 Scholar -> Alchemist

Calla, evil Kerran
Level 13 Predator ->Assassin
Level 7 Artisan -> Carpenter

Calandra, good high-elf
Level 16 Summoner -> Conjurer
Level 8 Artisan -> Sage

Efalia, good gnome
still haven’t played

  • I haven’t been able to play EQ for days; ever since the servers came back up my internet’s been very, very slow and I can’t do much of anything, and my video card died yesterday so I can’t even load it up to do tradeskilling. I’m very annoyed.

  • Gasp! You’re addicted! (Not like I can say much, I’m addicted to MapleStory…. but at least that’s free).

  • I had wanted to try Maple Story but I’ve been having problems finding a version I could read. Where did you get yours or can you read korean?

  • I still mostly play my main character, Nienna. She’s a wood elf and a level 23 warden, level 26 provisioner. Currently very frustrated with Stormhold and armor quest 3.

    (Weird entry to comment on perhaps, but I don’t have much to say lately.)

  • I’ve been wondering what level your character was up to. I need to catch up to you so we can play together if we’re ever on at the same time. I’m looking forward to the big patch in the beginning of January where they’re making it so it actually tells you if the people on your friends list are online.

  • Eek, that sucks!

  • Didn’t know they were adding that, cool! For now, I guess the /who all friends works okay, but is a bit inconvenient. I saw you on, a few day in a row about a month ago but haven’t seen you since. Think you were either in your room selling or in a tradeskill instance everytime I saw you, and back then I wasn’t even sure if Calandra was you or not.

    And you probably will catch up to me, I don’t level fast, never join groups for xp, and spend most of my time harvesting at the moment. May sound boring, but it’s not so bad. Hehe 😛

  • Nikki posted this link on a recent entry of mine :)


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