All right. I had posted an entry here before about how I couldn’t get into the class today or how I hadn’t received the books for that class (class starts Sunday but we could access it today). Well, the reason I didn’t get any books? It’s the same book we used for Web Design. This is Advanced Web Design. The book we used before was a Dreamweaver MX book that taught you horrible web design practices. I’m really dissapointed. I wanted a book on actual designing for the web.

I’m dissapointed with the assignments as well. We’re supposed to use a table for the page layout (which we created in Photoshop and sliced up). Then later we create a layer-based version of that in Dreamweaver. Then we get to create roll-over navigation and a form. Next we insert Flash objects or multimedia into the page. Finally, we critique each others for the group project. One week, the discussion board topic is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of frames and to find examples of both. Really, it’s not the ’90s anymore. No good site uses frames. At least they’re not making us use them (although I did love frames back in their day).

The website we have to design is for a ficticious earth-friendly gardening company called The Green Garden, based in Portland, Oregon. Much better than the travel agency site we had to design last time. I’ll just have to do the best job I can that fits with what the assignment says. Hearing Krissy’s experience with a technology-challenged client has made me realize that if I do get into web design, I may have to deal with people who wants things done in an “old-fashioned” (or even wrong) way.

My other complaint from the now-deleted entry was that my senior project class is now missing from my upcoming classes and is now listed in the completed classes, with no grade (I don’t take this class till March). My advisor is on vacation till the 2nd…if it’s not fixed on its own by then, I’ll have to email him about it. Not a big deal, but still an annoyance.

  • I’m sure that some web design clients will be open to new options and not afraid to explore things, but others definitely have one foot firmly in the past. I seem to have had more “challenged” clients than others – maybe you’ll be luckier than I have been! :)

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