You’re probably tired of hearing me complain about work and pain. Unfortunately, the two seem to go together for me. I wrote a week or so ago about not being able to cross-stitch because of the pain in my arm. Well, at that point in time that suprised me because for the most part, my arms didn’t hurt when I wasn’t doing anything or working. That’s changed this week. I once again had to work 4 days and do repetitive tasks all day those days. Today and yesterday he’s been out of the office so I’ve been spacing it out. Work awhile, take a break for awhile. I’ve been working for about 20 minute increments, and by the end of that, my arms (shoulders, wrists, etc.) are in such pain. I’ve been not using my right arm as much, but all that seems to do is make my left arm more sore and not make the right any less sore. The pain is making everything difficult…using a mouse, typing, writing, and just resting. My arms (etc.) hurt all the time. Joe told me the other day he thinks I might have a pinched nerve and I think I agree, although I think it’s more than that…probably some sort of tendonitis, which from what I understand can cause a pinched nerve. I tried mentioning it to mom, but all she said was that I need more upperbody strength. Yeah, thanks. It’s not my fault I have weak wrists and forearms. Who normally exercises them anyway? I did find some exercises online, but they hurt when I do them since everything I do hurts. And it said if it hurts, don’t do it. See a doctor. That would be nice, but I can’t afford it. I wouldn’t be able to go until after the first of the year, and of course I’d have to pay a new yearly deductible for my insurance. So the doctors visit would cost about $100, then he’d want x-rays which would cost several hundred. Then he’d refer me to an orthopedic doctor, which would cost about $130. Then all the ortho guy would do is send me for physical therapy that would cost over $1000 and wouldn’t really help. It would be the thing with my hip all over again (which by the way is still very painful but fortunately I don’t have to walk or stand much at work). I haven’t paid the physical therapy bill yet and will only be able to pay in $25 or $50 increments, which I don’t know if they’ll even accept. So while I know I should see a doctor, I can’t afford it and don’t really want to since I know it will be a complete waste of money that it was this summer. I’d like to go straight to the ortho guy, since maybe he’d give me a shot this time or something, but you need referrals and x-rays.
Anyone have any advice on what to do for arm/shoulder/wrist pain?

  • I feel blessed that we have the National Health Service here. Free medical care for everyone. Sometimes the waiting lists are a bit longer but better than the situation you are in. Sorry to hear you are so bad.

  • did you get my email about the wrist stuff? I hope some of that was helpful. *hugs*

  • I really wish we had national health care here.

  • Yes I did :) Thank you. I need to start taking some sort of pain killer/anti-inflammatory pill during the day. Changing chairs helped some, but since it was already bad I don’t know how much.

  • *hugs* i wonder if maybe you could go on disability for awhile. i’m not sure what the process is in pennsylvania, but if you got deemed disabled because of your medical problems, you would get a very small amount of disability unemployment and you could get state-funded health care i think. whatever help you could get, it’s worth looking into because this just sounds awful.

    does joe have insurance? once you guys are married, that could help.

    i’m sorry your mom isn’t more understanding. that sucks. :(

  • hi Cindy–i have tendonitis in both my wrists, so i feel your pain :- i too went through the whole doctor-xray-therapy thing too. check out some book for repetative motion injury from your library. that’s what i did, and it has helped. exercise helps a lot too as it increases your circulation (i do about 20 minutes a day of running on the treadmill)


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