at work

I’m at work. He’s out for the day. Yay! Not that I don’t like him, I just feel so much more relaxed by myself. Plus I can do things like write entries when I need a break.

I was really tired yesterday. I’m really tired again today. I tried to go to bed on time, but wouldn’t you know it, as soon as it was time to go to bed, I wasn’t tired anymore. So it took me awhile to fall asleep and then I kept waking up. Akasha woke me up a half hour before I had to get up by standing on my chest. I hate when they wake me up so close to when the alarm is supposed to go off…I can never really fall back asleep.

I ran out of DLPA over the weekend. I had one (instead of three) to take Sunday and none yesterday. My package of pills arrived yesterday so I had them again today. I do think they’re helping, although I hate having to have missed a few pills. It takes several weeks for them to have a real effect and I think I was just getting to that point. Not sure how missing those pills effected it. It’s hard to judge on days I’m tired. I’m normally very grumpy when tired.

I don’t have anything really to write about…I’m just passing time.

I’m starting to dislike this job. Up until the week with the envelopes, I was either-or on liking the job. But it’s been two weeks and my arms/shoulders/wrists/hands have not recovered. I tried for the first since before that week doing some cross-stitch on Sunday. I had to stop because of the shooting pains in my forearms. Those pains have been there ever since and I’m having problems moving my right arm. I had pains like that the week with the labels and whenever I have to do arm movements since then.

The point at which a job starts actively affecting my enjoyment of my non-working time is the point at which I start really disliking it. It would be different if I was not enjoying my free time because I had to do work at home or something. But when I have nothing work related to do at home and I’m not thinking about work, and it’s affecting me physically…then it’s a problem. I seem to have really bad luck with this lately. It started with Merck…I was fine then at the BookMarket for the most part physically. Some days were hard, like when I had to unload trucks…but I was rewarded by getting to see all the new books first. And it didn’t seem to affect me too much…I was maybe sore the day after but it went away. But with Merck, K-lands, and now this job…the pain doesn’t go away. I’m very afraid of having what happened to my shoulder while working at Merck happen to me again. And now I don’t have the excellent health and prescription coverage to pay for it. I am just not cut out for repetitive or physically demanding jobs.