If only every day at work could be like today.

John was off today, winterizing his boat or something down in Maryland. The phone rang 6 or 7 times, 4 of those times it was John. He likes to check up on things (Teresa told me about that). My only assignment for today was to finish the Powerpoint presentation I had started by importing slides from other presentations by making them all look good (same fonts, colors, etc. as well). That took about an hour and a half (I did it slowly). I spent the rest of the morning playing Mah Jong on MSN Games and browsing the web. After lunch I played it some more, then played some other games on there. Then I finished reading my Photoshop Perfect Portrait magazine/book. By then it was 4. The day went by very fast, for not having much to do. It went much faster than when I have stuff to do. Unfortunately I don’t know how many days I’ll have like that. He usually leaves more stuff for me to do when he’s not there…like putting over 600 labels on things.

And now it’s already 7 pm. I got off work at 4:30 and went to my parents for dinner. I came home at 5:30…where did the last hour and 15 minutes go? I really hate having to go to bed early. I want to try to get to bed at 11 today…I say that every night before work but never get to bed till midnight. When I was at work reading that PS book, I had several ideas for portrait things. Now that I’m home, I have no energy to work on them. I think I’ll try to though.