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I need advice on a wedding planning book. I don’t want one that’s insanely expensive. I want one you can write in. I want one that has things like “do this at this time” and the “normal” way to do things. I don’t want one that appears to be just for extremely fancy and expensive weddings. I don’t necessarily want one that’s for extremely cheap weddings. I’m not sure the book I want even exists.

If you know of any good wedding sites aside from, let me know them as well please. Need to start planning the wedding soon!

  • I didn’t use any specific planning book; I bought a yearly 8 1/2 x 11 size yearly planner (with tabs for year at a glance, monthly, weekly, addresses, notes, etc.) and entered things in it. Also, most bridal magazines will have a year at a glance thingie in them. For example: At 6 months go to first dress fitting, make final arrangements with caterer. One year before the big day would be confirming the location. Also, the sample dates provided in any book/magazine/website will change depending on the vendors that you deal with, especially if you have your heart set on certain attendant dresses or tuxedos.
    I hope this helps! The important thing is to remember to relax and escape w/ Joe every now and again.

  • our insurance company gave us a pretty nice one a year or so ago. I can see if I still have it and mail it to you :) it was pretty much along those lines.

    I think I also had The Ultimate Wedding Planner, something like that… small but seemed to have everything all in one place.

  • You could always make one yourself. Just buy a scrapbook or pretty notepad and print information from the internet or write it in. That way when you find a nice picture you’d like for ideas for your wedding you can just stick it in. Of course I’ve never been married, so there might be a whole bunch of things books have that you wouldn’t think of otherwise, so maybe it would be better to buy a proper book.

  • Thank you! I’ll have to pick up some bridal magazines sometime.

  • If you don’t need it, I’d love to have it :)

  • That gives me an idea…I should create a virtual scrapbook in a weblog format.

  • it appears to have vanished, along with several other books I have : ugh. I’m sorry! we have State Farm insurance, though… if you do too, you can probably get a planner from them as well :)

  • ** very nice site (free); you can post information (and gift registries) on your own customized page on their site ** includes a countdown to the Big Day, plus some great information, links, and resources! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! I found it an invaluable tool. It helped me let friends & family know what was going on, so they could give a hand with stuff without being “pushy”. No, I don’t work for them! :)

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