This Thanksgiving was better than last one…last year my brother was in the hospital with pneumonia. We ate dinner at 1. After dinner, Joe played Halo 2 with brother, Zach, and Cassie while I watched The Stepford Wives with Shelly, mom and dad. Joe managed to be the first person to beat Zach at Halo 2 (but only once). After that, Shelly, Cassie, mom and I played a game called Kids Vs. Adults for awhile. Then Joe joined us for Uno Attack. Joe and I came home about 7:30 and played Mind Trap while we watched Survivor.
Not sure how the DLPA is helping. It takes a few weeks for it to take effect pain wise. Depression-wise, I seem to be having moments of almost-happiness lately. It’s hard to explain…some of you might know what I mean by almost-happiness. It’s not happy, but it’s not depressed. During those times, I feel more interest and excitedness about things, but not to a “normal” degree. It’s the closest I’ve come to happiness and contentment in awhile…since sometime in early summer. A lot of times though my mind still feels foggy. The almost-happiness feelings seem like happiness trying to break through the fog, but unable to for some reason. As in, if it weren’t for the fogginess, I’d be happy. Does anyone know what I mean?

  • yeah, I know that feeling. at least it sounds like you’re getting better :)

    happy thanksgiving! 😀

  • i think i know what you mean. *hugs*

  • I do know what you are talking about. I went through that earlier this year after about 2 years of definite depression. Dr. put me on meds and they did the trick. Got my happiness back and have been med free for about 2 1/2 months. You can do it!!!! Best wishes! Jan

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