I hate procrastinating. During my last class I got in the habit of waiting till Friday or Saturday to start my assignments (due Saturday at 1 am). This was mainly because of my job…Monday through Wednesday I’m too tired to think after work. Plus the assignments never took long, so I could get away with doing it. This class, I really need to spend more time on the assignments. It’s the first week and this week has the most work. I have to research “extreme” soft drinks and their logos, indentities, and marketing plans. Write a one page summary on my findings. Have to come up with a name for one and make at least 10 different logos. Write another one page summary on why I chose that name. Also have to write “why I did this” descriptions for the logos. So far I’ve looked at various soft drink web sites and come up with a name. Go me. I want to try and get this finished by the time Joe gets off work. I want to play more EQII with him (which is what I did most of yesterday instead of doing my homework).
One reason I’m having a hard time doing this is…it’s boring. It’s not the kind of graphic design I want to do. I realized the other day that I want to seriously look into doing children’s book illustrations. Possibly writing them as well. It’s funny…I never really thought about it before till someone in my last class mentioned I’d be good at it. It makes sense though…most of my artwork ends of looking whimsical, perfect for children’s books. I used the gift certificate Krissy bought me for my birthday to buy a book off amazon on writing and illustrating childrens books. Looking forward to getting it.

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