Everquest II

Joe and I have been playing Everquest II since last Saturday. Right now I’m mainly playing Auriella, even though I also created a character called Calandra. Auriella is almost a level 10 Sorceror. She’s going to be a Wizard. She’s a half elf with red and black hair and yellow eyes and is a citizen of Freeport. She desperately wants to buy a pet duck, but doesn’t have enough money yet (ducks are expensive!).

Calandra is a high elf with blond hair and turquoise eyes. She hasn’t been played yet, just created. She is probably going to be a Conjurer.

I was happy to see that there were ducks wandering around Freeport!

I’m enjoying playing this game so far. After I watch Survivor tonight, I’m going to work on getting my Artisan skills up. I want to be able to craft my own spell upgrades.

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