comment spam

I haven’t gotten much comment spam…none on here at all, and several on a few other of my weblogs. In the past few days though, I’ve seen an increase in the amount of comment spam on others weblogs so I decided to be proactive.

A great resource I found is: WordPress: Tackling Comment Spam. It has a number of different plug-ins to try. I already use the auto shut-off comments (after 30 days) plug-in. I added this code to my wp-comments-post file to prevent spammers from commenting on posts that don’t exist (thus when I would post an entry with that ID, spam would already be on it). I also added an image authenication system. Now when you want to comment on one of my entries, you have to type in the number that’s in the image. If you type the number in wrong, you’ll likely have to retype your comment, just so you know. I tried the two other image authenication methods first, but they didn’t work. This one did.

  • ooh thanks for those links. I’m adding the prevention code to bluelamp and the crafty blog and am thinking of adding the comment preview one in as well. spam is baaaad.

  • I’ve been getting a lot of spam on my weblog recently too, but thankfully I can delete it pretty easily. How annoying! Thanks for the links, I’ll definitely be implementing some of these things.

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