My birthday was pretty good. Not the absolute best, but good. The reason it wasn’t the best were due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. The weather was grey and gloomy all day. It rained after dinner. I had (have) a big sore on the inside of my bottom lip from biting my lip a few days ago (and you know how once you bite it once, you keep doing it because it gets swollen) and it’s been very painful to eat or talk plus my lip is all swollen. So the weather and my painful lip brought the day down for me some.
Joe, my parents, my brother’s family and I went out for dinner at 4:30 to Red Lobster. We ordered the Ultimate Fondue as an appetizer and I had crab legs for dinner (as usual). My lovely niece felt it was her duty to tell the waiter that it was my birthday, so they came out and sang and brought me ice cream. It wasn’t that embarrasing because it was the third birthday they had while we were there. There was even one at the table right next to ours.
After that, we all went over to my parents house for cake and ice cream. They got me a chocolate cake with white icing from Dingledein bakery. Their cakes are so good. My presents consisted of two camisoles, Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code, and $25 from my parents and $25 from my brother. I had already recieved my present from Joe, Painter IX. He said he’s also getting me another present next Friday when he gets paid. Krissy got me a $20 amazon gift card that I’m still deciding what I want to get with it (too many things I want!).
I spent my $45 today. Well, actually I spent $89. I bought the Collectors Edition of Everquest II. I really really wanted the baby pet dragon for my house. Joe also got a copy of the game and we’ve been playing that this evening. I’m an evil half-elf named Auriella, working towards Wizard. We’re playing on the Lavastorm server at the moment. I like the game so far, but I’m having a hard time getting used to how you walk and look around. I want to create a good character too somewhere..maybe be a conjurer.

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