I’m so tired of not feeling happy. Actually, I’m so tired of not feeling anything. For the past two or three years I haven’t had much in the emotional range. That was the normal when I was on anti-depressants…but I’m not on them anymore. I feel sad fairly often, but I almost never feel happy. Not even when good things happen.
It’s my birthday Friday and I don’t even care. I’m not looking forward to it at all…not because I’m dreading turning older or anything, but I just don’t care. I’ll go out to eat with my family and Joe, have cake and open a few presents from my parents afterwards. That’s it. No one seems to care much about my birthday anymore, online or off, so why should I care? Of course, I don’t do much for other people’s birthdays anymore either so I suppose I get what I deserve.

  • I definiely understand that; my birthday’s almost always forgotten because of it being on Christmas. I really don’t care much about it either most of the time; I celebrate it pretty much with only my family, Scott, and Scott’s family. I’ll be remembering your birthday though! :)

  • I understand too. I always remember your birthday because we share it, but even if we didn’t, I still would because you rock and I love you. *big hugs*

  • Aww, it’s terrible feeling like that. *hugs* I hope you have a nice birthday and manage to enjoy it a little bit.

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