This is not good.

I’m fairy certain that Akasha ATE the rest of the light blue I was using for the owl cross-stitch. It was about five or six things of thread, so that’s a lot. I’ve seen her eat thread, small pieces, but I can’t imagine her eating that much. I can’t find it anywhere though. I was laying on the couch doing cross-stitch earlier. I keep all my thread on a footstool next to the couch. Apparently Akasha was between the footstool and the couch and I didn’t know she was there for awhile. She’s been trying to get my thread for the past two days, but I always catch her. But she was being sneaky and I didn’t know she was there until my thread card started moving. I don’t know whether she was just batting it or had been chewing on it. The thread that’s missing wasn’t attached to the card since I was currently using it.

I don’t know how eating that much thread will affect her. She’s stolen thread out of my needle before (I stick the needle with the thread in it on the edge of the couch when I leave for short periods of time, like to go to the bathroom) and been okay. But that was no where near this amount.

Aside from being worried about her, I’m annoyed about the loss of my thread. I had planned on finishing it this week. It’s a Dimensions kit so I can’t exactly go out and buy it. I can probably find a similar DMC color and might even have one here, but I hate using something different. I don’t really want to wait for them to send me a replacement either. Mom said she didn’t care if the color wasn’t exact so I’ll probably just use DMC if I can’t find the thread anywhere here. I feel really annoyed (and worried) right now…I had been about to lay down and watch Buffy on the couch since I wasn’t feeling the best and went to thread my needle…but no thread.

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