red hair

Currently, Feria’s Copper Shimmer, a deep copper color, is sinking into my hair.

Every so often I get the urge to dye my hair red (most of you know I’m natually blonde). This usually occurs in the fall. It’s sometimes satisfied by a reddish-blonde, but sometimes I need a more intense color. I’ve dyed it “really red” twice before. Once was in the summer of 1998 when I dyed it dark brown and then a few weeks later, a really dark red, almost burgandy (the color had to be stripped out of my hair by a hairdresser over several visits when I decided I wanted to go back to blonde two months later). Then in the fall of 2001 I dyed my hair a nice deep (but not dark) red. Red really fades fast so in two months it was more of a copper color and faded through to a reddish-blonde about five months later before I eventually dyed it blonde again.

This time I decided to go for a copper color instead of a true red. Maybe I’ll dye it redder after this starts to fade out…I don’t know. I debated buying two boxes because my hair is long and I’m glad I decided to, otherwise the last 5 inches of my hair would still be blonde. I convinced Joe to let me use the rest of the second bottle on him. His won’t be as bright of a shade though because he has dark brown hair. I’ll post pictures sometime soon.

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