my new job

Work went well today. It was kind of hard to get through the day though. I couldn’t fall asleep last night and only got a little over four hours sleep. I’m exhausted today and have had a horrible headache all day. But work itself was fine.

From 9-11 Theresa was there and John wasn’t. Then she left at 11 and he came in (he had a dentist appointment in the morning). She showed me all around and told me how to do things. The thing I found most interesting about my whole day was the cafeteria. It has a soda machine (55 cents) and a candy machine. There’s a fridge, a microwave, a toaster over, a toaster, a dishwasher, a sink, silverwear, plates and mugs, tons of tea and hot chocolate bags, two coffee thingies, and a hot water thingy. Plus there’s a shelf of books. There’s about six smallish tables, each with a salt and pepper shaker on it.

As for actual work. There’s three computers in the main office part (he has one in his office). One is an old mac, one is an imac (older one), and the other is a new Dell. I’ll be using all three for various things. The imac mouse was extremely jerky. So I cleaned the insides out and it worked fine.

So what I actually did today (after Theresa left). Made out a deposit slip for a check, copied the check, invoice and deposit slip, took the check to the woman who does that (she works for the farm bureau, but apparently she does our banking stuff too), entered the info into an excel file, printed the file. Ate lunch. Put together boxes to mail balloons, packed boxes, sealed boxes, filled out UPS labels for boxes and set them aside to be picked up. Made a powerpoint presentation from headings he selected from a book, made improvements based on his response, printed as a handout.

And that was my day. I didn’t answer the phone at all. In fact, it only rang twice. One when Theresa was there and once when John was. Tomorrow one thing I’ll be doing (probably) is making copies of CDs, making labels for them, and sticking them on. Woo.

Seriously, I think I’ll like the job. Theresa said that in the summer it was very slow so she spent a lot of time doing cross-words on the internet (and John doesn’t care and actually wasn’t around much she said). The school year is busier because teachers want things and there’s conventions and an essay contest in the spring. I don’t feel very comfortable at the job yet because I don’t know much, but I can easily imagine myself sitting there alone on a winter morning, drinking a cup of tomato soup in a can that I microwaved, doing what needs done. I don’t think the job will be very stressful. Although I’m a bit stressed about answering the phone and taking messages. But I’m sure I’ll get over that after a few times. I don’t think I’ll have to do it that often anyway (hopefully).

(Krissy, I thought of you today while at work. Some of the people we were mailing the balloons to were in charge of research at various companies and I thought that maybe someday you’d be requesting stuff like that. Although from a different place…we only send to places in PA.)

  • thank you for thinking of me :) your job sounds wonderful. what kind of balloons are they – like party balloons? *hugs* I’m so glad your day went well!

  • Yep, they’re in honor of biomedical research day. I didn’t even know there was one…apparently it’s Oct. 21. I don’t know if it’s just a PA thing or what.

  • wow, I haven’t heard of that either! but maybe, when I (finally) land a research job somewhere, I will write to you anyway and ask for balloons or something, just because I can. :)

  • Wow, that sounds great!! :) Glad you finally have a good job!

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