graphic design

There was an ad in the paper for a part-time or freelance graphic designer. The description said Webpages Banners HTML email. On a sidenote, don’t you just love job descriptions that make no sense and are written by people who have no idea what they’re talking about? Anyway, it said to send background, rates, samples, or links to an email address and so I did. Not sure how much I’d even make off it (who knows…it could just be 2 hours a week) but even if it’s not much I’d take it if they offered it to me and work someplace else too. Just for something graphic design related on my resume.
The point of this entry wasn’t the job really…I don’t know if I’ll ever even hear from them. The point is the sense of excitement I felt when I saw the ad and when I wrote the email. I have days when I don’t think I really want a graphic design job..that it would be too much pressure or I’m not good enough. But then there are times like this when I *know* that this is what I want to do. That I’m good at it and that I don’t want to settle for some clerical or retail job. I’m a good graphic designer and I deserve to be recognized for it by a company hiring me for that. I think that’s why my last two job interviews haven’t gone as well as they could have (aside from the fact of my only getting 4 hours or less sleep the night before each). I think I may have been subconsiously sabotaging myself because I don’t really want those jobs…I want a graphic design job. This isn’t really a good thing because I need a job badly.

  • I feel exactly how you do, except with “research assistant” instead of “graphic designer.” you will be a great designer – and I hope someone realizes it so they give you a job doing just that!

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