Tonight we all went out for dinner for my brother’s birthday. All of my immediate family are republicans. I voted democrat in the last election and plan on doing so for this one. A month or so ago my parents and I were out to dinner and briefly discussed the election. Both of my parents were planning on voting for Bush. Tonight mom mentioned that dad was probably going to vote for Kerry. I was surprised. My brother was being obnoxious about it (big Bush fan) and I was surprised dad knew as much of the issues and things as he did. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised…he watches the news every night and CNN pretty often. He never really talks about politics. Of course, he never really talks period. I can see where I inherited that from easily.

On an unrelated note, I found several Photoshop books I want to buy off amazon (they’re on my wishlist if any of you are feeling generous!). I was considering just buying them now on my credit card but realized I shouldn’t. I go through cycles with my credit card…I can go years without using it but once I start using it, I find it hard to stop. It usually starts with something I have to put on it, and then I end up putting things I don’t really need on it. Not a good idea. I find it so depressing that I put over $1000 on it since August. Dentist, vet, eye doctor, prescription, printer, clothes, and some other stuff. And whenever I get extra money, I never want to put it towards my credit card…I want to use it to buy something (so would most other people I imagine). It’s going to take forever to pay off.

  • mmm Photoshop. you have some neat looking books added; I might have to look for those at the library!

  • i know what you mean about the credit cards…though i guess i’ve rarely gone through a time without using mine too much except for when they were maxed out!

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