I managed to get an A in Web Design, keeping my 4.0 average. It’s odd when I look at my college page on here…at my time at Millersville I got mostly C’s and now at AIU I have all A’s.

This session is Advanced Typography. We’ll be making a 6-8 page magazine over the next 5 weeks. All the assigments sound really cool. This week we’re making the logo and cover. I have yet to start though because I’ve been sick since Sunday. I really want to make it good so I have something great to show off in my portfolio.

As soon as I’m done being sick, I’ll post a picture of my hair. I kind of look dead the past few days.

Tomorrow is Joe and I’s two year anniversary. We’re not going to be able to celebrate till Thursday though because he works tomorrow till late. I can’t believe it’s been that long. In December we’ll have been engaged for a year.

I’ve been rereading V.C. Andrews books lately. There’s something comforting in how much the characters lives suck yet they never give up.

  • two years… wow 😀 happy (early) anniversary!! and I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

  • Congratulations! Our 2 yr. wedding anniversary was 9/21. It always seems unfair when you have to work. Everyone’s anniversary should be their own holiday!!

  • I really want to learn more about typography; let me know if you learn anything neat!

    And happy two year anniversary! I always remember your anniversary because it’s the day after what used to be Nate’s and my anniversary. Can’t wait to see your hair, either!

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