Been a week since I updated. The reason is that Joe has been on vacation this week. Not that we’ve been going out and doing tons of activities…it’s been raining the past few days. I just feel less lonely when he’s here which means I update less.

I’ve spent most of my time lately (okay, almost all my time) playing Star Wars Galaxies. Two days ago I bought a second copy of the game so that I could have a second character on my server. Addicted much? The reason was that I wanted to try other professions, but didn’t want to give up my current ones. For my new character I chose Bioengineer and Image Designer. I figured Bioengineer would go well with my other character’s Creature Handler profession and Image Designer because I just wanted to be able to change how I look fairly often.

My new character’s name is Alundra. Reminded me of the Illuminator’s name in Wheel of Time. I didn’t even realize when I came up with it that it was a Playstation game. Right now she’s Medic 0003, Scout 2030, Entertainer 1000, Marksman 0400. I probably won’t keep her at Pistols 4…I only went that high because then I could kill things faster to harvest them fast. Plus, I went from Pistols 1 to 4 in an hour or so. Literally. I think Image Designer is the most frustrating thing to grind with that timer. It’s nice having two characters because I can use Raea as the target. Then while the timer is going Alundra uses that time to craft medic. Once I get to Bioengineer I’ll have Raea train the creatures Alundra makes and then just destroy them (until she makes good ones anyway). That way I can level up CH too.

Raea is currently Master Smuggler, Creature Handler 2212, and Pistoleer 0102. I find myself turning off my Master Smuggler title most of the time when I’m out of my town because otherwise I get tells asking me to slice things. Last night I was slicing Joe’s and Raea’s new armor…didn’t get too high of results for Joe’s but for all 5 of my major pieces (helmet, pants, chest plate, boots, gloves) I got high encumberance slices. Encumberance is the most desired slice for armor and often it’s my luck to only get it on one arm piece or something. I was surprised by that.

I’m enjoying being in my guild. It’s a nice way to play the game. So far we’ve gone on two group hunts…one to kill Mellichae for someone to become Padawan and last night we went on a giant dune kimogila hunt for scales for someone.

In Jedi news, Raea got glowy, got visited by the old man, and killed her siths. She got her waypoint to the village, but isn’t going to head there yet. I’m not sure when she will. I’ll probably get curious soon and go.

  • I haven’t been on SWG too much lately because of RL stuff. I am enjoying my critters though and am not grinding thorugh CH like I originally started – I’d rather take my time and enjoy the social parts of the game, I guess. it’s fun :) I’m getting up Fencer as well, and taking my time with that too. guess I’m silly. I feel a faint sense of the force but am not concerned with it yet. whee Jedi.

  • Crap, so you have to kill the Siths? Wonder what happens when the character doesn’t have any combat skills, hmmm… hopefully I’ll find out soon!

    I have an alt on SWG too, one I share with Scott when he played. I have him on now to help my main character level up ID because that grind sucks ass. I’m glad you’re having fun!

    2 more themeparks and I’ll be glowy. Whee!

  • I’m sure that way is the better way to play :) I’ve been trying to lay off grinding CH and just let it happen. But for things like Image Designer, you kinda have to grind it because you can’t really do anything until you make Novice ID. I want to try and take my time with Bio-Engineer, once I get novice, but I’m trying to grind my way up to that ASAP because I’m so anxious to make creatures :)

    I think I would have made a great hologrinder, before they changed the Jedi thing.

  • They were really really easy. They conned blue for me. I was buffed at the time, but not wearing any armor. They hardly did any damage and I killed them each in two shots (there were two of them), although I was using a DX2 pistol. They randomly appear to you (I was walking through town) and then you get a waypoint to their camp, where there are about 4 of them I think, and I think all but one were blue, the other conned yellow. I took them all out very quickly. I imagine you could take along a combat friend to the camp and have one follow you around a day after you get the old man visit, just in case.

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