So last night Joe, myself, and his friend Jason from work decide to go kill kimogilas (note that I am talking about SWG). We arrive at kimogila town and quickly take out 4 hatchlings. We’re thinking “yeah! we can do this!”. We’re buffed and have comp armor. There’s a Giant Dune Kimogila there. We start attacking and then I examine it. Now, I have three pistols I carry with me. A DX2 (acid), a FWG5 (heat), and a Republic Blaster (energy). The GDK was 100% resistant to heat and acid and 80% to energy. So I wasn’t going to be doing much damage to it (need to pick up a striker or tangle pistol…although that’s still 65% resistance). Some NPC started attacking Joe with a launcher pistol. I was like, I’ll take care of him since I’m not doing much to the Kimogila. Hah. He was like a super NPC or something. My attacks could do damage to him, but barely were (I didn’t think to note what his HAM was). My health was going down (was also diseased from the Kimogila) and my mind was dropping fast even though I had drank brandy. I had to run away because my mind was almost gone. Joe started attacking him then and the Kimogila started attacking me after finishing off Jason (Kimos deathblow). It actually wasn’t hurting me too bad, but I just wasn’t doing any damage to it. The launcher pistol guy killed Joe and I was left alone with both the Kimo and that guy attacking me. Then the server message came up that the server was going down in 15 minutes (this was not normal as it was 3:30 am and it doesn’t go down until 7). I started running but couldn’t find my bike for like 5 minutes because it was dark. Just when I found my bike, they stopped attacking me. I made it back to safety and logged out. That whole hunt did not go as planned. We would have been fine probably if not for that NPC.

I ended up with 992 mind wounds. 992! The most I ever got before was about 30! After I get back from my parents for dinner, I’m going to have to go to a cantina and get my mind wounds healed. After that, I’m going to tame a bull bantha baby, assuming I can find one. I just really want a bantha. Yesterday I tamed a wasteland cu pa.

I read the SWG boards after it went down to find out why. Some of the screenshots from other servers were hilarious. Our server actually didn’t have any problems.

  • ours was full of crap last night. I pulled out like 10 bikes before I realized the store function wasn’t working. there were a ton of cu pas outside the Helios starport, along wiht like 50 speeders. my pets weren’t listening to a thing I said and every now and then vanished into thin air. and then there was the uncontrolled spawn of desert demons all over Mos Eisley – but a lot of people got great loot from that :)

    bull banthas are awesome. I had two (had to let one go to tame other things) and Severus is really cute. I want to make him a mount. the very first thing I ever tamed, a lesser dewback named Dewy, is my current mount (had guild master CH train that for me).

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